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My Personal List of Awesome-yet-Free Software and Web Services

Throughout my computing experience since 1993, I have faced, searched, installed, tried, loved, hated, and uninstalled quite numerous software. Maybe, the number will cross thousand. The list includes pirated, licensed, shareware, freeware and what not. Their domain includes Windows *, Linux *, HP-UX 9i but (bad)luckily not Mac OS or NeXT platforms. I am sorry Mr. Jobs.

As the sold software including licensed and shareware involve the factor of direct cash, they have a lot many guys (and obviously nice gals) to talk about their greatness. As a relatively poor guy, I could never love them. Rather I loved those ones which I can use legally free. Along with that point, here comes Linux, Java etc.

There is a great misconception in mass people, even some tech peoples, that the free software are “obviously” of inferior quality. That perception is inherently wrong. For example, web servers, research facilities, including NASA, just can’t rely on purchased Windows for their mission-critical applications, rather most of them are using Linux variants. Not only for techies, now Linux (especially, Ubuntu) is quite user-friendly for mass people, even for your grandma.

Anyway, bragging Linux isn’t point of this post. Rather I would like to share with you some of the awesome free software for everyday use that I just love.

General browsing: Google Chrome


It just started a new era for Internet browsers. Unmatched blitz-like speed with no-compromise safety is its main beauty. For giving a test result for this blog, I have done a little test. For loading and on my brand new laptop, Chrome(v.10) took approx. 3 seconds each whereas our-old-hero Firefox (v.4) took 7 seconds each. What about your browser? How many hours you wasted just on waiting for the webpage to load?

Operating system: Ubuntu

Where pirated software are reigning, you may have no headache about purchasing price of operating systems. But when the question comes about legality, such as in the case of government agencies, business or education institutions, they just can’t use illegal one’s. And Windows means a boat-load of cash along with almost no everyday software. Where much-better performer Ubuntu comes for free with its cool features and sexy user interface and also with a great lot of everyday software including Oh! my personal experience about Ubuntu? Just awesome !

Email service:

Needless to say, simply greatest. Far ahead from other email services regarding user friendliness, speed, forwarding, great spam-filtering and a hell lot more features. Many global organizations are using that professionally. Personally I use different accounts for different level of privacy and also turned on many cool features of Gmail labs.

Reading PDF files: Sumatra PDF Reader

Extremely fast to load PDF files and extremely light on memory, where on the other hand, the default Adobe Acrobat Reader work like a memory hog.

Managing zip files:  7Zip

Very smart and supports almost all archive files. It also has a nice integration (with the Right-click-menu on Windows Explorer). It’s very fast rather than the built-in compression-handler of Windows.

Advanced Text Editing: Notepad ++

Haven’t you ever felt that you need something basic text editing software which has advanced feature than the crappy Notepad software which comes with Windows. I always feel that way.
When I need:
Removing text-formatting from some text to paste somewhere else,
Edit/delete or insert Vertical block of text in a file
analyze some big…really big file which is basically text but size is like 1GB in a single file.
and many other operations on basic text. Not only me, a great many number of developers, data analysts, and who not use Notepad++

(E)Mailing:  Mozilla Thunderbird

Fast and furiously smart email client. Though some unused glossy features of Microsoft Outlook isn’t present with that, but I am impressed.

Backup of whatever files:  DropBox

Though free 2GB space isn’t that much, but quite enough for personal documents and important pictures. And continuous, seamless and hassle-less device-independent file syncing service and its performance is just amazing.

Image Resizer for Windows

Some of us daily need to resize image files easily. But only hope was Microsoft Paint. Another was crack-licensed ACDSee. But loading a full-fledged software for such a trivial task was a common but great pain.

ImageResizer is their lighthouse of hope. Open-source, free, lightweight, just add a option to right-click menu. Just right-click on the image and select “Resize Pictures”. Select what size you want, and see the magic of making tiny-sized-okay-quality image.

For the sake of brevity, here I am just sharing my favorite ones which I use for general computing. I would also love to know what are your favorites? You can share them with us by leaving some comments below. I may also update that in my post.
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5 thoughts on “My Personal List of Awesome-yet-Free Software and Web Services

    1. yeah, i also was used to with Foxit. This list also included that. But as it is ad-based shareware & not a freeware; i jumped ship to Sumatra reader. Sumatra is fast as well as supports many other formats. thanks !

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