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Tips on Craigslist posting

Craigslist logo

  • Try to give best “image”
    • Don’t upload big image file(s). Else Craigslist’s own compression will make your image too bad.
    • Adjust light and proper angle before you take shot. If the item is a outside one like car, grill etc., utilize daylight or evening time ambient light Continue reading

– be unique
– honor your reader base

The Blog

This is a guest post by Kristina Chang, Evan Moore, Tony Xu, and Omer Rabin; students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

“What makes a blog popular? What drives page views?” These are the questions that we’ve been trying to answer over the last few weeks. We were on a mission to dig into the data and analyze the strongest parameters that influence the flow of visitors to blogs.

Out of the 30+ million blogs on, we randomly selected a sample of almost 100,000 blogs to perform a regression analysis. Here are our findings, together with a few recommendations. We hope that this provides some new information, and kudos to you in case you’ve already incorporated these tips into your blog – the data suggests that you’re on the right track. Keep it up!

Make your blog easy to follow – It almost sounds obvious, but the…

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