Craigslist logo

  • Try to give best “image”
    • Don’t upload big image file(s). Else Craigslist’s own compression will make your image too bad.
    • Adjust light and proper angle before you take shot. If the item is a outside one like car, grill etc., utilize daylight or evening time ambient light
    • Take snapshot with a good camera
    • Take picture from different angle. You can add up to 4(four) images. Utilize ’em all.
    • Re-size the image(s) with MS paint
    • Crop any unnecessary portion
    • Now, post on to Craigslist
    • a blurry image can ruin your post
    • for any crack/scratch on your to-, use MS Paint‘s circle, arrow, line, and text to CLEARLY SHOW  that.
  • Secure your privacy by giving phone number with some inside text like 2 Zero 1 – 255 – Three 5 Five 4 to avoid automatic reapers. If possible, use a secondary or temporary phone number. You may consider to get a phone number such as, Google Voice number, for free.
  • Wait for the right customer, Don’t hurry & get-down at a poor offer; unless you have set an absurd price

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