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Did you meet “Google Currents” ?

< Google currents logo>If you love to read news, or blog or magazine but hate to do it on your smartphone or tab …… now it’s time to embrace the digital readership. Here comes “Google Currents”.

Yesterday, I accidentally met “Google Currents” and got curious. The description itself is hazy, not give the sense what it’ll do. But wait, how could it explain ? It’s totally new revolutionary way to engage your readership into fun. Just install on your iPhone or Android phone and see how nice a productive software can be. BTW, all “editions”(contents’ name for Currents) are free for this application.

You can get it right away here at Google Currents …

A sample screen

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Types of people (when they don’t have something):

“Let’s think about it” … we call them cool-head … some call them looser

“Just Go, get it (not hurting others, rather bypassing)” … we call them smart  … some call them shameless

“Okay, let it come on my way”  …  we call them luck-hunter … some call them damned lazy

“Hunt down the owner, and GET it now”  … we call them greedy  …  some call them great

“I don’t need it, but btw, kill the owner” … we call them cruel … some call them perfect for this world

“I don’t need it” … we call them ascetic … but some call them asshole

what category i am in ?