I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now.

Today, I have suffered a lot for (re)installing the Chrome browser on my office laptop. Installer was downloaded,

but when I ran it, it was stuck in “Connecting to internet …”

and after a long time It showed an error message that “GoogleUpdate.exe cannot connect to Internet”

At first, I thought the firewall or company domain is blocking that. But after a heck lot of hacking, working around, I confirmed that I am wrong. Due to Bangladesh Govt. recent (but now uplifted) anti-Google policy, the outgoing traffic is being blocked.

So, the solution is to download standalone version which will not need internet to be installed on PC. Its about 30 MB in size. But, from where will you download this ?!?

It’s always best to download latest ones from here: http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?standalone=1

or, else you can download it from my hosted mirror on Dropbox:  http://db.tt/5pnQ7YCz

(Update) Please download the latest one on this link: http://goo.gl/NXrBz

If you download the hosted one, you need to check the security/integrity of the downloaded file, by checking the publisher when you’ll run the downloaded installer application. Like below:

Check File's Integrity by checking the publisher's name. Because, this cannot be changed except by Google itself.
Hey, don’t forget to press the thanks or share button. Good Luck  🙂

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