How to become a programmer, or the art of Googling well

an epic revelation …


*Note: Please read all italicized technical words as if they were in a foreign language.

The fall semester of my senior year, I was having some serious self-confidence issues. I had slowly come to realize that I did not, in fact, want to become a researcher. Statistics pained me, and the seemingly endless and fruitless nature of research bored me. I was someone who was driven by results – tangible products with deadlines that, upon completion, had a binary state: success, or failure. Going into my senior year, this revelation was followed by another. All of my skills thus far had been cultivated for research. If I wasn’t going into research, I had… nothing.

At a liberal arts college, being a computer science major does not mean you are a “hacker”. It can mean something as simple as, you were shopping around different departments, saw a command line for the…

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pep8_tonizer on for Notepad++ : Make your Python code PEP8-compliant on editor

[ Please take note that this is still in beta phase. In other words, it still has issues.]

This script can be used to make python code, that is being edited on Notepad++,  to comply with infamous PEP8 coding style  []
By default, autopep8 only makes whitespace changes. So does this script.

However, this script depends on following:

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[Solved] Chrome Browser Installation Trouble: Bangladesh or anywhere

I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now.

Today, I have suffered a lot for (re)installing the Chrome browser on my office laptop. Installer was downloaded,

but when I ran it, it was stuck in “Connecting to internet …”

and after a long time It showed an error message that “GoogleUpdate.exe cannot connect to Internet”

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Uninstall Crappy and Slow Internet Explorer (IE) 9 : Revert back to IE 8

   DON’T do it from “Control Panel”>>”Programs”>>”Turn Windows Features on or off”.
  • Go to START –> “Control panel” –> “View installed updates”
  • Now scroll down the list, look for “Windows Internet Explorer 9” in “Microsoft Windows” section
  • Double-click to Uninstall it
  • After finishing, it’s better if you restart
  • Your previous IE 8 will be restored
  • For more noob-friendly-details, please visit Microsoft site, here.

If you get trouble uninstalling IE 9 as described here, visit here.

If you can’t find IE 8 yet by typing “Internet” in the START >> “Search for programs and files”,
Download IE 8 from here: Don’t forget to select right language and right OS version.

Install the downloaded file as usual.

If you are looking for a truly faster and reliable Internet browser, consider using Google Chrome or Firefox browser (To get now, click here)

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