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[Solved] Chrome Browser Installation Trouble: Bangladesh or anywhere

I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now.

Today, I have suffered a lot for (re)installing the Chrome browser on my office laptop. Installer was downloaded,

but when I ran it, it was stuck in “Connecting to internet …”

and after a long time It showed an error message that “GoogleUpdate.exe cannot connect to Internet”

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configuration, Internet, tutorial, Windows 7

Uninstall Crappy and Slow Internet Explorer (IE) 9 : Revert back to IE 8

   DON’T do it from “Control Panel”>>”Programs”>>”Turn Windows Features on or off”.
  • Go to START –> “Control panel” –> “View installed updates”
  • Now scroll down the list, look for “Windows Internet Explorer 9” in “Microsoft Windows” section
  • Double-click to Uninstall it
  • After finishing, it’s better if you restart
  • Your previous IE 8 will be restored
  • For more noob-friendly-details, please visit Microsoft site, here.

If you get trouble uninstalling IE 9 as described here, visit here.

If you can’t find IE 8 yet by typing “Internet” in the START >> “Search for programs and files”,
Download IE 8 from here: Don’t forget to select right language and right OS version.

Install the downloaded file as usual.

If you are looking for a truly faster and reliable Internet browser, consider using Google Chrome or Firefox browser (To get now, click here)

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My Personal List of Awesome-yet-Free Software and Web Services

Throughout my computing experience since 1993, I have faced, searched, installed, tried, loved, hated, and uninstalled quite numerous software. Maybe, the number will cross thousand. The list includes pirated, licensed, shareware, freeware and what not. Their domain includes Windows *, Linux *, HP-UX 9i but (bad)luckily not Mac OS or NeXT platforms. I am sorry Mr. Jobs.

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