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[LG SU660][Optimus 2X][CyanogenMod] Files You need to Mod…

[Disclaimer:  Plz download & Use these files on your own responsibility. Personally, I have used all these files on my own SU660. I am just MIRRORING these file]

[General Advice:000  If you don’t know what is rooting, modding, custom recovery or never heard of CyanogenMod, ClockWorkMod etc., JUST STAY AWAY off this posts, or any of these contents ]

Download                                                   MD5 Checksum                                                                     Reference Page      2847b5e4c3853ad3c3313ace8440c8f0        c4a07a24e11448824b84e314600cd357                                82068467ae955f29147b89b76da25c2f       

kowalski-kernel…        91d9ab1434c0b79c631551d23052b6ab                         1a5066c2375350d61d3b16136ef87cce                            828142587937621da77d10abcfc1bd46        

nVidia APX Driver                                  07e645f9a73210cf3a0ca2b790eaca32         

You can check the MD5 checksum of any file using this freeware software tool, WinMD5.

Some other Downloads:

Google Apps for CM10.2(JellyBean)        gapps-jb-20130813-signed                1f51b5cc6370c1f45dc951109b6ce6ed         

For detailed step-by-step on flashing, plz follow

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Did you meet “Google Currents” ?

< Google currents logo>If you love to read news, or blog or magazine but hate to do it on your smartphone or tab …… now it’s time to embrace the digital readership. Here comes “Google Currents”.

Yesterday, I accidentally met “Google Currents” and got curious. The description itself is hazy, not give the sense what it’ll do. But wait, how could it explain ? It’s totally new revolutionary way to engage your readership into fun. Just install on your iPhone or Android phone and see how nice a productive software can be. BTW, all “editions”(contents’ name for Currents) are free for this application.

You can get it right away here at Google Currents …

A sample screen

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